Malibu Surfing Association

Malibu Surfing Association - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MSA?

The Malibu Surfing Association (MSA) is one of California's first surfing clubs. Our members are many (not all) of the surfers you see surfing at Malibu.

When was the MSA founded?


How do I join the MSA?

Membership in the MSA is by invitation only. Please visit our membership page for more information.

What advice do you have for someone just learning to surf?

First, learn the basics of surf etiquette. Second, for your own safety and for the safety of those in the water, do not learn to surf at Malibu. There are numerous breaks within a 10-minute drive which are better suited for beginners. Last, make sure you get the right gear - our support page lists businesses, corporations, and brands who've generously supported MSA.

Does the MSA give surf lessons?

No. The MSA is not a teaching club. If you are interested in receiving surfing instruction, the MSA recommends the use of an approved (by LACDBH) instructor. If you have questions regarding where to find qualified instructors, please write the President with your interest.

Why doesn't the MSA do something about the water quality at Malibu?

We do and we have. We also partner with organizations, agencies, and interested parties on the broad goals of stewardship at Surfrider Beach, including water quality issues. We encourage you to become engaged, as well.

I'm not a surfer but I want to help the MSA. What can I do?

The MSA is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization; we're grateful for the support of those who believe in our mission and programs. More information on supporting MSA can be found in the 'Support' section of the website.

How good does Malibu get?

It's not that good. You'll have more fun surfing someplace else.

How do I get to Malibu?

Follow PCH to Sunset. No need to go any further: it's right there below Gladstones.